Allura - The Blue LionEdit

Voltcom Weapon: Giant dildo & her vagina

As future Queen of Anus, Allura considers it her mission to train her niece, Larmina, to pilot Blue Lion and be the teams new cum dumpster which is the only reason why The team stays together. She assures the rest of the Voltron Force team that these new cadets were brought to them to serve them as interns/sex slaves. Allura also enjoys pitting Lance and Keith against one another while she sits back and masturbates to the two men fighting to fuck her even though she is already in a strong relationship with Pidge. Overall she is a useless bitch who's is only on the team is because of her bitchin sandwiches and her awesome blowjobs that according to legend has stronger suction/pull then a black hole.

Key Trait: Focused boobies Missles
Tail Power: Yeast infection